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Two Years Before & Look See Land featured on Paper Estate

Paper Estate has kindly featured the music of Two Years Before & Look See Land on their front page. Check it out!

Khaibit - EP Demo

The first track is Crusaders. It immediately sets the tone for this EP. The first thing to address is that musically, this sounds like a demo taken straight from the 80s Thrash scene, which is probably what they were looking for, the only problem with that is that the quality also matches that time period. The demo was recorded on a small budget, but even still the quality leaves a lot to be desired (an issue more with whoever recorded the Demo, but also a heads up to the band to chose their next studio/producer more carefully). Each track has similar issues; backing vocals could be toned down a little and drums can be a bit sloppy at times and sway slightly in and out of time.

The overall feel of the demo is that some members (the guitarists) of the band were more ready for the studio than others. Beyond that (with the exception of production) everything was okay. Keeping in mind that this is a band of 20 years olds with a hundred dollar budget, things could have been a lot worse, but they could also be better. It’s a good start and the demo serves it’s purpose as just that; a demo, but it also leaves the impression that with more practice and time together as a band, they could go on to much better things.